Can I own a gun in New Jersey?

Individuals are able to own a gun in the state of New Jersey. However, this may only apply to certain guns and these people must possess a gun permit. First, they must be approved to own a gun. This can include background checks to monitor their criminal history. Gun permits are granted to those that have gone through background checks to ensure they are legally capable of owning a gun and do not pose a threat otherwise. In New Jersey, individuals are allowed to own a long gun. When someone wants to purchase a long gun, like a rifle or shotgun, they must possess a lifetime purchaser identification card to identify them as the gun holder and register them in the system as someone who has this gun in their possession legally. With this procedure in place, it can monitor the exact gun and the owner if they were to be involved in a criminal offense. Handguns are legal for individuals to own in the state as well. A person must have a permit to purchase firearms, which is required to regulate the sale of guns. When individuals want to purchase a handgun, their permit to purchase this gun is only valid for 90 days. Different types of guns can have different regulations regarding them. There may be different requirements for each specific gun permit.

What are penalties for violating gun laws?

When an individual wants to buy a gun, they must do so from a licensed dealer or a resident of the state. This can ensure that the transaction is legal. Handgun transfers are monitored by the New Jersey State Firearms Investigation Unit. These exceptions include firearms willed to a transferee and those brought into the state by new residents. By obtaining a gun illegally or owning one without a permit, you can face consequences. Illegal possession of a machine gun or handgun is a second-degree crime, which can lead to a jail sentence of five to 10 years. Illegal possession of an assault rifle is a second-degree crime. Illegal possession of a rifle or shotgun is a third-degree crime. Illegal possession of an air gun, spring gun or weapon of a similar nature is a third-degree crime. Third-degree crimes can lead to a jail sentence of three to five years.

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