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An arrest or conviction of a crime can be devastating. These mistakes can impact one’s future immensely. Applications for school, employment, and housing often ask if a person has a criminal record and some situations call for a full background check. Many people can resolve this matter through an expungement. An expungement will clear their criminal record, in the simplest terms. This does not mean that your past is fully erased. Your records will be sealed and out of public view, but kept with specific law enforcement agencies. When your future is at stake, it is imperative that you act as soon as you are able. For quality legal support that can help you expunge your criminal record, contact The Law Offices of George J. Mardinly for a consultation.

Expungement eligibility

Violent criminal convictions may not be eligible for expungement. The waiting periods for an expungement in New Jersey are as followed.

  • Felony offenses- 5 years
  • Disorderly Person’s offense- 3 years
  • Dismissals after diversion program- 6 months
  • Acquittals or dismissals- no waiting period

The expungement process

To start the process of expungement, you must fill out a petition and the number of other forms needed. Our firm can help you complete these requirements and file them correctly. When this is complete, a hearing will take place to consider the allowance of an expungement. In most cases, the hearing is a formality and you will not have to attend. If a person is eligible for expungement and the court agrees to it, the party will receive the paperwork signed off by the judge and an order to all agencies involved in the legal matter. This order will detail every fact of the case and state that the history of the arrest and conviction should be segregated, expunging it from your records. At this point, the document-heavy process of mailing out this information to the applicable agencies must be completed. In some time, a notice will be sent declaring that the information has been expunged.

Contact a New Jersey expungement attorney

New Jersey understands that mistakes are made and people’s lives shouldn’t be completely ruined by a misstep. Our firm agrees wholeheartedly. We will work to ensure that all expungement documents are drafted and filed correctly and in a timely manner. If you need an experienced law firm to guide you through the complex and document-heavy process of expungement, we would be happy to assist. For further information about your eligibility or the process forward, please contact The Law Offices of George J. Mardinly for a consultation to discuss your legal matter.