Determining the value of a NJ home

One of the questions that many homeowners ask is how much their house is worth. Perhaps they are curious about how a recent renovation has impacted the value of the home or they are simply thinking about selling but aren’t sure how much to list the house for. There are many different reasons that an individual may need to determine an accurate value of their home. Often, people wonder if they should turn to the internet to find out what the value of their home is. Websites like Zillow, as helpful as they are, can’t actually give a homeowner an accurate value, just an estimate. However, a homeowner will get a much more accurate answer if they hire a professional home appraiser to assess the home’s value.

Due to the wide range of factors that are considered in determining a home’s value, it may be a good idea to know what the home appraiser will be looking for. Some of the factors that are considered when assigning value to a home include:

  • Home basics, such as the year it was built, square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the size of the property
  • The neighborhood where the home is located
  • Improvements that were made to the home
  • The condition of both the interior and exterior of the home
  • Extras such as a pool, fireplace, patio, or garage
  • How much comparable homes in the neighborhood were recently sold for

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