Divorce Rates Spike in the Month of January

Many statistics agree that in general, the month of January sees a dramatic spike in divorce rates. Though this is a rather dark statistic, the truth is, it makes sense. Many speculate that the spike comes as a result of a stressful holiday season that was, essentially, the final straw. A great portion of couples seeks to stay together through the holidays, especially if they have children, for obvious reasons. However, with the holiday season now at a close, you and your spouse may be considering the next step forward.

Fortunately, if you and your spouse can both agree on the terms of your divorce, you may find that uncontested divorce is the way to go–generally, mutual agreements are the most civil, and are, therefore, the easiest to see through. However, in most cases, spouses enter what is known as a “contested divorce” which is where spouses cannot agree on key terms, including child custody, who gets what assets, and more.

Generally, when spouses cannot agree on who is entitled to certain assets, their divorce will enter litigation, where their marital assets will be subjected to the equitable distribution process. Unfortunately, as you may know, the term “equitable” rarely means “equal,” which is why these spouses will hire experienced divorce attorneys to fight on their behalf.

Of course, this process very often seems both overwhelming and antagonistic, which is why many couples will seek an alternate means of divorce. Fortunately, in certain cases, our firm can help turn your contested divorce into an uncontested one via hiring a divorce mediator.

Though mediation is not for everyone, many spouses prefer it to litigation. Essentially, a divorce mediator’s job is to act as a non-biased third-party to facilitate a civil conversation between you and your spouse to eventually reach a compromise regarding the terms of your divorce.

Oftentimes, the mediation process allows couples to resolve their divorce peacefully, while, perhaps most importantly, outside of the courtroom setting. What’s more, this method of divorce will very often benefit couples with children, as those children will see their parents calmly resolve a serious issue, despite their differences. Not only is this a valuable life lesson, but it also shields your children from the hostility often brought about by the litigation process. For an experienced New Jersey divorce mediator you can trust, simply reach out to the Law Offices of George J. Mardinly today.

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