What is an Employment Contract in New Jersey?

What is an Employment Contract?

We are constantly signing contracts at various times in our lives.  We sign contracts for our homes, credit card agreements, and even for terms of employment.  Breaches of employment contracts in New Jersey is a serious offense and should not be taken lightly.  You may have some contract in place with any employees in your business, known as express or implied contracts.  Employees may have contractual rights under an express or implied employment contract.

What is an Implied Employment Contract?

An implied contract exists when there is not written agreement.  Although there may not be a tangible, written contract between the employer and the employee, he or she may have certain legal rights under an implied contract.  Some items that could arise under an implied contract could include promises made to an employee verbally.  There may also be an implied contract via an employee handbook which can spell out certain procedures for discipline, suspension, or termination, for example.

What is an Express Employment Contract?

An express employment contract usually takes the form of an employment agreement or an offer letter, for example.  In these types of agreements, the terms of the employment are explicitly stated.  They may use terms like “offer”, “acceptance”, “consideration” and lay out specific employment terms like the employee’s salary, start date, start time, meal-time breaks, benefits, paid-time-off, and so on.

Sometimes employers may be confused or uneasy on how to proceed when dealing with employees.  Due to the complexities that can arise from a breach of contract, it may be a good idea to consult with an experienced employment law attorney prior to making any decisions.

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