Are you Facing D.Y.F.S? Here’s What You Should Know

What is D.Y.F.S?

DYFS is known as the Division of Youth and Family Services.  The purpose of DYFS is to protect children from harmful or potentially harmful situations.  DYFS matters may involve parents, step-parents, adoptive parents, or other family members.

What to Expect from D.Y.F.S if There is an Investigation

If there are allegations that a child is in a harmful situation, DYFS may become involved.  They may investigate the matter to determine if the child is actually in harms way.  DFYS may reach one of three conclusions at the end of their investigation: unfounded, unsubstantiated, or founded.

Unfounded allegations require nothing further and the matter may be closed.  Cases whose allegations are unsubstantiated may include some elements of possible neglect, but the facts of the investigation are not enough for DYFS intervention.  Lastly, if the allegations are founded, there is enough evidence or facts to warrant DYFS intervention. In less serious cases, DYFS may develop or suggest a care and supervision plan to protect the children.  Conversely, in more serious cases, the child may be removed from the home.  If the results of the investigation are founded, you may have the ability to file an administrative review to contest DYFS’s findings.

Any DYFS matter is extremely emotional for all parties.  It is important to have a strong team on your side to help you get through it and help you achieve the results you need.  If you have a matter with DYFS, it is important to contact an experienced family law attorney.

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