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When a couple cannot continue a relationship, they may have to get a divorce. Though it is hard to consider, divorce can help individuals move on to something better. The divorce process is based on the need to resolve marital issues. When a couple can resolve marital issues outside of court, it is called an uncontested divorce. For these, the process is simplified and the court will pass down a Final Judgment of Divorce, ending the marriage. When a case is contested, the issue becomes more complicated.


When a couple divorces, one party may need continuing financial support. Alimony, formally known as spousal support, is the obligation of the independent party to pay the other for a determinate period after a marriage is over. Alimony is one of the 4 major issues the majority of people will have to address in a divorce.

Child Custody

Child custody is a major factor in a divorce. Though parents work to mitigate the impact the split has on the family, there is a good chance that child custody will have to be addressed. Understandably, child custody can be an emotional topic. Both parents are used to seeing their children every day. The idea that they will have to split their time with the other parent can be overwhelming.

Child Support

Parents in New Jersey are required to support their children. Generally, the age of emancipation is 19, though the obligation to support one’s child can extend through college and beyond. Child support cases are decided mostly by following the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. To learn more about child support in New Jersey, feel free to read Attorney Mardinly’s Guide to Child Support in New Jersey.

Property Distribution

One of the most significant topics of divorce is the division of assets, also known as property distribution. Simply put, property distribution is the allocation of possessions during a divorce case. Because possessions come with some degree of emotional ties, a divorce based on the division of assets can quickly become heated.

Child Services Matters

In New Jersey, the Division of Youth and Family Services (D.Y.F.S.), also known as the Department of Child Protection & Permanency (D.C.P.&P.) is a government agency dedicated to resolving issues related to a child’s wellbeing. These matters can involve issues with biological parents, adoptive families, foster care, and other protective services. The system’s intention is to protect children from harmful situations. Unfortunately, D.C.P.&P. is not a flawless organization.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a very serious matter. New Jersey courts and law enforcement have acted to proactively protect the safety of residents who face violence in the home. Though relationships can be hard and heated exchanges can happen, some can cross a line. Domestic violence can impact anyone’s life. It is not isolated to a certain sex, geography, or socioeconomic status.