How Can a Criminal Record Affect Your Future?

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Unfortunately, when someone is convicted of a crime, not only will they face incarceration, high fines, and other penalties, but they will also obtain a criminal record. In many cases, the effects of a criminal record are worse than the initial punishment for a crime, as criminal records are, generally, permanent. Continue reading and contact our New Jersey criminal defense attorney to learn more about how having a criminal record may affect your future.

What are some of the ways that having a criminal record can affect my future?

If you obtain a criminal record, you can expect various aspects of your life to be significantly affected. Some of the ways in which having a criminal record can affect your future are as follows:

  • Most employers in New Jersey require you to answer whether you’ve ever been convicted of a crime. If you have a criminal record, you must answer yes, and this often will drastically decrease your chances of securing employment at many places of your choosing.
  • Oftentimes, landlords will run background checks before renting out their property to prospective tenants, and if you are someone with a criminal record, you may be prohibited from renting certain property.
  • If you were convicted of a DUI, you will lose your license and you may also lose the right to apply for any commercial driving jobs in the future.
  • If you were convicted of a sex crime, you will most likely become a registered sex offender, which means that the general public will know where you live, what you did, and more.
  • If you are an illegal immigrant in this country, committing certain crimes may result in your deportation from the United States.
  • In many cases, having a criminal record can prevent you from securing certain loans.
  • If you are a divorced parent, certain crimes may affect your child custody agreement. For example, if you commit a drug crime, your former spouse can argue that you either have a drug problem or that you are simply irresponsible and incapable of being a reliable parent.

These are just some of the ways in which a criminal record can affect your future. If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need to hire an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney who can work to fight your charges to help ensure you do not face these long-term ramifications. Give our firm a call today.

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