How can a restraining order benefit me?

During marriages, circumstances can arise that individuals would never expect. Over the years, tensions can arise when issues are present between spouses or any other member of the family. In these situations, violence or abuse may become a part of the problem. Once domestic violence enters into a family, it can become scary. Often times, victims do not know how to seek action against their abuser or they may not even know they are being abused if it is emotional instead of physical. If you sense that someone is in trouble due to domestic violence or you are yourself, then it is important to seek help in these situations. Getting the abuser out of the home is a goal that we want to help with.

How can I get the abuser out of my home and away from my family?

In the state of New Jersey, domestic violence is taken very seriously. The New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991 was made to combat the problem of domestic violence. By acquiring a restraining order, this can help to guarantee the safety of you and your family from an abuser. A temporary restraining order can limit the proximity and contact one can have with another party. This can allow you to get the distance you need from the violent party while you focus on other aspects of your life.

How do I get a restraining order against someone?

The state rarely denies granting temporary restraining orders due to their need. The court can quickly hear the case and then they can decide if the temporary restraining order should become permanent. A restraining order can be granted due to the following reasons: assault, harassment, terroristic threats or mental abuse. With these circumstances, it is important to seek the relief you need from an abuser. Your safety comes first. A temporary restraining order can help provide you with comfort knowing that they cannot come within a certain distance of you.

During these times, emotional turmoil can be overwhelming due to the abuse that individuals were faced with. As professional attorneys, we are here to protect your legal rights during this emotional time.

Can I press criminal charges?

A restraining order can grant civil relief for victims. However, if you wish to seek criminal charges for your abuser, they may be held accountable for their criminal activity. It is important to seek legal help in these circumstances. You may be able to file a criminal complaint where you reside, where the party resides, or where the incident occurred.

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