How Can I Ensure My Divorce Is Kept Private?

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It can be hard enough to go through a divorce. What you really do not want is everyone knowing every detail of it, nor do you need your soon-to-be ex accessing all of your information. Fortunately, there are a few steps that you can take to make sure that your divorce is kept private. There is no guarantee that you can keep everything quiet, but the advice of a Monmouth County divorce attorney can make your life a bit less stressful.

Are There Divorce Methods That Are More Private?

How private the details of your divorce are can come down to what kind of divorce method and negotiations are chosen. Mediation and collaborative divorce can give you and your spouse a bit more privacy. Negotiating your divorce through litigation means going to court, and that means that there will be a court record. You can ask to seal the records after your divorce has been finalized, but there is no guarantee that a judge will agree to do that. That makes it easy for anyone to look for info about your divorce in the public record. Mediation sessions or a collaborative divorce process can help you avoid this issue.

Can Buying New Devices Help Details Stay Private?

If you want to keep things as private as possible, switching over to new electronic devices and plans can be a good idea. You might be surprised at how much information can be shared among members of the same family plan. Get a new phone, your own wireless plan, and donโ€™t worry about your spouse snooping around or asking about your activity.

What Should I Do About Social Media?

Social media can cause undue stress in the best of times, so perhaps unsurprisingly we do not recommend heavy use of it by our clients during a divorce. If you do plan to continue using social media apps, locking them down and limiting your audience to just your current friends and followers is not a bad idea. Just avoid venting about your divorce because what you have done on the internet can stick around, even after you delete a post. Following this advice can help you keep things a bit more private.

We also want to note that you probably should not mess with your post history too much. Some people delete a lot of old posts and photos when going through a divorce, but your spouseโ€™s lawyer might try to use that against you. They may accuse you of trying to hide something, and that is just an additional annoyance that you do not need. Keep any past posts up, and do a purge once your divorce is finalized.

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