How Can I Protect My Rights as a Stay-At-Home Parent During a Divorce?

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If you are a stay-at-home parent, a pending divorce could stress you out and make you feel like you have no options. There could be a big difference in the kinds of resources that you and your spouse have access to, making it seem like you will just have to take whatever bad deal that comes along. However, this is not necessarily the case, and a Monmouth County divorce attorney from our firm can still help you fight for a better outcome.

What Are My Divorce Options as a Stay-At-Home Parent?

You may think that you do not have many options here if you were mostly reliant on your spouse’s income, but there are ways to give yourself some power in this process. You could use:

Mediation: In mediation, both spouses sit down with a neutral third party who can help them sort things out and figure out what each person will get out of the divorce. This can still cost money, but it is going to cost less than going to court.

Collaborative divorce: In this kind of arrangement, you and your lawyer work with your spouse and their lawyer to reach an agreement that covers things like property division and spousal support.

Litigation: If this divorce absolutely must go to court, then you may worry that you cannot afford the legal representation that you need. Fortunately, New Jersey is one state that can tell your spouse that they need to pay your attorney fees if you have no way of doing so on your own. This can keep everyone on an even playing field.

What Should a Stay-At-Home Parent Do When Divorce is Imminent?

When you believe that a divorce is imminent, it is necessary to get any important paperwork or documentation in order. You need to account for:

Your family’s finances: If you were not all that involved in your family’s finances as a stay-at-home parent, then it is even more critical that you take account of everything now. Look into bank accounts, credit cards, loans, debt, and any other assets to understand your family’s finances completely.

Your own finances: You also need to know what kind of financial resources you have access to and what kinds of expenses you could be looking at if your marriage ends, like car payments or tuition payments.

Important documents: You should make copies of your marriage license, tax records, life insurance records, and anything else that is related to your marriage and your financial picture.

Will I Get Alimony as Part of My Divorce Agreement?

If you were a stay-at-home parent during the marriage, it is likely that alimony will be a part of your final divorce agreement. You could also receive temporary alimony, meant to help you cover expenses during the divorce proceedings.

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