How to Create a Parenting Plan With Your Ex in the Wake of the Coronavirus

With the new coronavirus seemingly spreading like wildfire, many divorced co-parents are concerned about how quarantines, infections, and more may affect their parenting time agreement. Below, our experienced New Jersey family law attorney has laid out some tips for deciding on a temporary parenting time agreement that works for you both in these uncertain times.

To start, the first and best option is to simply speak with your spouse, considering all aspects of your lives, and agree that the primary objective of creating a temporary parenting time schedule is ensuring the safety of your child. This means you should consider the following:

  • Plan for you or your former spouse catching the virus. If one of you has the virus, what will you do? It is paramount that you plan for where your child will stay, where you will be quarantined, and more.  
  • Come to an agreement with your spouse on places where you and your child can, or cannot travel. This can help ensure you are on the same page about bringing your child to areas that potentially have a high concentration of the virus. 
  • Stay up-to-date on information regarding the virus, such as key symptoms. If you or your former spouse notices a dry cough, fever, or even pneumonia, ensure you and your child get checked immediately.
  • If you cannot agree on these terms with your spouse initially, consider hiring an experienced New Jersey mediator who will act as an unbiased third-party to help you both agree on temporary parenting time terms that will work for you both.

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