Joint Custody vs. Sole Custody

Couples who are getting divorced in New Jersey are required to address a number of different issues in order to complete the process. When a couple has children together, they are going to have to address an additional set of matters that must be resolved, such as child support and child custody. There are two types of physical custody in New Jersey, joint custody and sole custody. If the couple cannot decide on a custody agreement for themselves, they may require the judge assigned to their case to make this decision for them.

Joint Custody

If the judge feels as though both parents can successfully care for the child, they may issue a joint custody agreement. Typically, one of the parents will have a little more parenting time than the other. This parent is known as the custodial parent but does not take away from the other spouse’s parental rights.

Sole Custody

If the judge feels as though one of the parents is unfit to parent because they may pose a danger to the child, they may issue a sole custody award. This means that one parent will have all of the physical custody, while the other does not have any.

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