What should I know about juvenile crimes in NJ?

Unfortunately, juveniles often make mistakes and sometimes, those mistakes can result in an arrest. The parents of these juveniles may be overwhelmed after their child gets arrested and unsure of what they can do to protect their child from time behind bars. The most important thing for a parent to know is that New Jersey requires that all juveniles who are charged with a crime must have legal representation. If a parent does not believe that they can afford to hire an attorney, they may petition with the court to obtain a public defender but these petitions are often denied. If the court believes that there is any chance the parent or guardian can afford to hire an attorney, they will deny the request.

There are a few other factors that a parent needs to be aware of in the event that their child has been arrested for committing an offense in New Jersey. If the crime is very serious, the juvenile may be moved up to the adult criminal court and be tried as an adult. This may happen in the event that the child is charged with a murder, aggravated assault, or rape. Most other less serious crimes that are committed by juveniles are heard in the Family Division of New Jersey’s Supreme Court. In addition, these offenses remained sealed in the juvenile’s file.

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