What is Stop and Stay Stopped in New Jersey?

Pedestrians and motorists are required to share the roads but pedestrians are granted the “right of way.” It is important that motorists respect the pedestrians on the road and are aware of the laws they must follow. In 2010, New Jersey changed the laws regarding motorists and pedestrians in crosswalks.

Any motorist is required by law to stop and stay stopped for any pedestrian who is walking within a crosswalk. Prior to 2010, the law only required motorists to yield while pedestrians were in the crosswalk. Now, if a motorist fails to fully stop, they will face serious repercussions. If a driver does not stop and stay stopped to allow a pedestrian within a crosswalk toย safely cross the street, they may be subject to a fine of $200, 15 days of community service, and even 2 points on their driver’s license. When a driver gets points on their license, they may be subject to increased insurance premiums because every added point means that the insurance company believes the driver is unsafe and is at greater risk for an accident. If a driver is issued too many points, their license may be suspended.

Pedestrians should make sure that they only cross at intersections that have marked crosswalks and crossing lights. If a pedestrian fails to abide by signals or use crosswalks, they may be subject to a $54.00 fine because they failed to observe the law.

If you have been issued a traffic ticket for failure to stop for a pedestrian, contact an experienced traffic violations attorney who can provide you with assistance.

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