Power of Attorney in New Jersey

When it comes time for an individual to start the process of estate planning, it is important that they consider appointing a power of attorney. Power of attorney allows a person to grant a trusted individual the legal authority to act on their behalf. Basically, if someone cannot do something, the agent that has been granted power of attorney can act for them.

In a lot of cases, power of attorney is used for individuals who have become ill or incapacitated. In these situations, it is important that they have someone who can still make sure the bills are paid and other matters are taken care of.

That being said, it is important to note that an individual does not have to be ill or incapacitated in order to reap the benefits of a power of attorney. For example, it can be very helpful for married couples who are frequently physically separated due to work travel, military service, etc.

There are a few types of power of attorney. This can be issued for a specific event (such as signing a contract) or for all general matters. In some cases, it can go into effect only in the event that the individual becomes incapacitated.

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