Preparing for Divorce: Simple Steps You Can Follow to Lessen the Burden

What Should I Do to Prepare for My Divorce?

Divorces are categorically emotional processes. Preparing for divorce can be cumbersome, as it requires the preparation of documents and information pertinent to the marriage.  Even if a divorce is ending amicably, the spouses can still be required to provide documents and information to address marital issues. This information can help with the equitable distribution process, including the division of assets and the allocation of debts/liabilities. The information provided by the divorcing spouses can also help in determining any child support or child custody issues, if any were born of the marriage.  If you are preparing for divorce, you may want to collect any of the following information:

  1. Financial documents related to both marital and separate assets/property;
  2. Information and documents about any separate property or inheritances during the marriage;
  3. Prepare financial documents on both separate and joint bank accounts;
  4. Prepare information about child care or education costs;
  5. Prepare information about your lifestyle during the marriage;
  6. Get a copy of your credit report to make sure joint debts, or debts the other spouse should pay, are still being paid;
  7. Gather information on pensions, 401ks, or other retirement funds;
  8. Prepare your pay-stubs and/or W2;
  9. Gather tax returns for all years during the marriage; and/or
  10. Gather information on separate and/or marital investments like stocks or bonds.

If you are preparing for divorce, you should also research divorce attorneys to potentially represent you and your needs in the divorce. An experienced divorce attorney to help advise you of your rights in the divorce, guide you through the divorce process, and help you understand what may be required of you from the moment the divorce commences.

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