What does a real estate attorney do for clients?

Real estate transactions often mark a new chapter in the lives of both parties involved and are, therefore, very exciting. When individuals are considering either buying or selling a home, they often wonder if they should retain legal services. Here in New Jersey, it is actually required for individuals involved in a real estate transaction to seek an attorney’s assistance for the process that is known as the three-day attorney review. Here, the attorney will revise the contract drafted by the realtors and negotiate in favor of his or her client. Of course, when a client hires a real estate attorney, they can provide assistance throughout the entirety of the process.

If the attorney’s client is the seller in the real estate transaction, the attorney will be able to protect the seller’s interests and legal rights, remedy any issues that may arise with titles, negotiate, and even participate in the closing process if you cannot be there.

When a buyer hires an attorney to guide them through the legalities of a real estate transaction, they will be able to help you understand the terms of your contract, inform you of any hidden liabilities and work to prevent them, ensure that you have all necessary documents, and attend the closing.

It is essential that you consult with an experienced real estate attorney who can protect and guide you towards a successful closing. If you need a real estate attorney, contact our firm today.

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