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Real Estate Attorney in Red Bank, New Jersey

The real estate market is booming in New Jersey. Every year, existing property and new construction goes on the market as individuals and businesses sprawl across the state. Real estate is an exciting proposition for everyone involved. If you are a potential buyer of residential or commercial property, you have a lot to consider as making this purchase is a momentous event; maybe one of the most significant financial ventures of your life. If you are selling a home or commercial property, you need legal support to ensure that your interests are met and you can comfortably move on. The Law Offices of George J. Mardinly is an experienced Monmouth County law firm serving clients engaging in real estate matters. For a consultation, contact our firm to discuss your real estate goals further.

Our legal services for buyers

Whether you are buying a residential or commercial property, it is important to retain the services of an experienced attorney to protect your rights, interests, and future. For most, buying property is the most significant purchase of one’s life. When making such substantial decisions, our firm will:

  • Clarify the terms of your contract
  • Protect you from hidden liabilities
  • Assess real estate documents
  • File legal documents pertaining to your real estate transaction
  • Attend the closing, representing your interests and needs
  • Ensure that you hold valid ownership documentation

Our legal services for sellers

Whether you are selling a residential or commercial property, it is important to have the legal support necessary to protect your interests. Selling a property is a noteworthy endeavor that deserves the attention of a skillful law firm. When crossing that bridge, our firm will:

  • Assess all documentation
  • Ensure that your interests and rights are protected
  • Handle any title issues that can affect your sale
  • Represent your needs during negotiations
  • Attend and execute the closing on your behalf if you are not able to attend

Other real estate services

Our firm understands the many legal issues that can arise throughout the real estate process. We also understand that our clients don’t always engage in traditional real estate transactions. Our firm represents clients in matters including:

  • Liens
  • Refinancing
  • FSBO transactions
  • Short Sales
  • REO sales and acquisitions
  • Foreclosure actions
  • Double closings

Contact an experienced real estate attorney

Real estate matters cover a wide range of legal issues. If you need quality legal support when facing significant matters regarding residential or commercial property, contact The Law Offices of George J. Mardinly for a consultation. We would be honored to assist you.