“I highly recommend George J. Mardinly, Esq. I was indicted by a grand jury and this was the worst crisis and experience of my life. I needed a criminal attorney so I contacted the Law Office of George J. Mardinly and we arranged a meeting to go over and discuss my case. I explained to George that I was innocent and he believed me from the start. I was immediately impressed with his candid approach, experience so I decided to use Mr. Mardinly as my counsel. In handling the case from the start George told me: “Let me drive the bus” and this reassured me greatly. We both rolled up our sleeves and went to work. I had a complex case which needed a great deal of time to work and dedication and George provided both. As the case progressed, over several years, George won a large number of pre-trial motions and arguments despite the Prosecutor’s strong objections such that the Court ordered additional discovery concerning the alleged victim which proved to be highly prejudicial to the alleged victim’s claim and extremely helpful in defending me against the State’s case. Additionally, George Mardinly advised me to use the services of a private detective (an experienced ex-chief of police) who in turn set up a polygraph test from the most experienced polygraphist in the State of New Jersey. A very daunting procedure for me to go through which I passed with credibility. Finally, despite the prosecutor offering me numerous plea deals which I strongly turned down because of my innocence we went to trial. George Mardinly presented my defense to the jury having accumulated substantial defense evidence which cut through the heart of the State’s case, did damaging cross examination of State witnesses, offered the jury expert witness testimony favorable to me and presented the jury numerous character witnesses on my behalf such that the truth unfolded before the jury. The jury went into deliberations and approximately 47 minutes into deliberations entered a verdict of NOT GUILTY on all counts of the indictment! The judge then entered a judgment of acquittal fully exonerating me! A monumental victory for truth and justice and a relief for my family and I. George Mardinly is well known in the legal community and the court system and I highly recommend him!!”

“George J. Mardinly, Esq., represented me for a multimillion dollar fraud offering from 2010 through 2012. For background information I live in Northern, N.J. and I needed a criminal defense attorney to represent me. I was referred to George Mardinly by a large legal service provider who recommended him. I met with George Mardinly, Esq. and I felt comfortable with his answers to my legal questions, and his estimated legal costs for services.

I found his top attributes to be:

• Legal Expertise, Efficient and smooth services.
• Worked diligently and cared about my success.
• Honest and Dependable, He Refunded me for the unused part of my legal retainer.”

“I am writing to recommend the legal services of George Mardinly, Esq. I recently worked with Mr. Mardinly to develop my will, and final directives, as well as power of attorney. In addition, Mr. Mardinly handled the process of selling and closing the sale of my family home. I felt very comfortable and confident in his expertise. Mr. Mardinly listened to my concerns and acted on matters in a very timely manner. Communication was excellent, and response time was typically same day or less than 24 hours. I would not hesitate to utilize his professional services legal services again in the future.”

“When you’re presented with life’s trials and tribulations, greet them with the services of The Law Offices of George J. Mardinly. There was a time when I believed the system had wronged me and all seemed lost. I wasn’t in the right place of mind to think clearly. I was fortunate to have been introduced to Mr. George Mardinly through a mutual acquaintance. From day one he was the voice of reason providing sound logical advice. Nothing was ever sugar coated. My reality was advised with the truth. In the end, George was there for me as a friend.”

“George Mardinly was instrumental in helping me with a complex and unique real estate lease agreement. His thoroughness and speed were the two elements I appreciated most.”

“You are a man of your word.  You came through as you said you would. I will look to the future with a smile and thank you for your services.”

“When the zoning officer in the town in which I own property refused to sign off, permitting me to rent the property to a new tenant who had signed a lease, I hired George J. Mardinly, Esq.  It soon became obvious to Mr. Mardinly and to me after several meetings and letters were exchanged, that township officials at very high levels were determined to prevent me from exercising my right to rent the property. During negotiations with township officials, Mr. Mardinly displayed the rare ability to turn adversaries into accomplices, confronting overt enemies with the impotence of their position.  Mr. Mardinly worked very closely with me in acquiring the necessary documents and in resolving constantly arising issues.  It is clear to me that Mr. Mardinly is as honest as he is competent and I am happy to recommend him to anyone who requires the services of an attorney in the areas in which he practices.”
-H.S., PhD, CPP, CHS 111

“Mr. Mardinly opened up doors in my life through his legal help. By resolving my father’s estate, I have a new home-when I thought circumstances were impossible—he is now helping me get custody of my children.”

State of New Jersey v. Billig, 2nd Degree Charges-“Man gets probation in food scam” “Mardinly told the judge that difficulties in his client’s personal life precipitated the events.”
-by Kathleen Hopkins,
Staff Writer, Asbury Park Press, 2009

“Congratulations to attorney George Mardinly, who with vigor challenged the trial court and laid the ground work in this case whose representation of this mother in enabling the appellate court to recognize that even highly imperfect parenting does not warrant the severity of state action to sever permanently important relationship between children and their parents.”

“The only lawyer I will walk into a courtroom with is George Mardinly.”

“Mr. Mardinly came to my rescue after I received a minor traffic violation that could have resulted in major consequences in fines, points on my license and increased insurance premiums.  He accompanied me to court and successfully reduced the offense to a more just outcome.  Although this was a simple case, I was impressed by his commitment and personal interest in bringing this to an acceptable resolution.  His passion for fairness and knowledge of the system was very impressive and gave me the confidence to stand before the judge to successfully oppose the violation.”

“Hi Mr. Mardinly, I received my driving privileges today!!! I just want to thank you so much, and may God bless you. YOU SAVED MY LIFE”

State v. Dorsey, Lakewood Man Acquitted of Attempted Murder, 2d Degree Aggravated Assault-Acquittal. “Mardinly, Dorsey’s attorney, told the jurors that the prosecution’s case wouldn’t hold up to scrutiny .”
-Kristen Ostendorf,
Asbury Park Press, September 11, 2002

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional assistance during our mediation regarding our property damage.  Your demeanor, patience, and outstanding character is an asset to our Court system, and I am sure much appreciated by Judge Follender.”

“You know I value you as a friend but today, I am extremely grateful to have George the Lawyer in my life.  Your considerate handling and perseverance to my case made the best situation out of a bad one.  As a client I thank you . . . .”

“Thank you for adding your personal touch to everything you do for us.”

“We used George Mardinly’s legal services to close on the sale of our home.  He took care of all the details in a thorough and timely manner.  We couldn’t be more satisfied.”

“Thank you for all you did for my son in court on Wednesday.”

“Thank you for making my divorce so easy!”

“That’s why I love you, George, you call it like you see it.”

“George J. Mardinly, Esq. has been our family lawyer for over ten years.  He has represented us with both personal and business legal proceedings.   Quite simply put, Mr. Mardinly has been able to do one thing on a consistent basis, win our cases! We have recommended Mr. Mardinly to both our friends and family on numerous occasions and will continue to do so.”