Should I Fight a New Jersey Speeding Ticket?

If you have received a speeding ticket, your first instinct may be to pay your ticket and move on. While this can seem like a good option, it can actually have negative impacts down the line. In some cases, it may be beneficial to fight the ticket. Read on to learn more about speeding tickets in New Jersey.

What are the consequences of a speeding ticket?

New Jersey’s point system:

If you are pulled over for speeding, you will likely receive points on your license. It is important to know that if you accumulate a certain number of points, your license may be revoked, temporarily or even permanently. The number of points you receive will depend on how fast you were driving. New Jersey’s point system is as follows:

  • Speeding 1-14 miles per hour over the speed limit is a 2-point violation
  • Speeding 15-30 miles per hour over the speed limit is a 4-point violation
  • Speeding more than 30 miles per hour over the speed limit is a 5-point violation. This may also result in a reckless driving ticket.

Speeding ticket fines:

In addition to points, you will be faced with fines. Speeding tickets can become expensive, especially because your insurance premiums may increase, meaning you will be paying for the speeding ticket for years to come. Fines typically follow the following formula:

  • Speeding by 1-9 mph: $85
  • Speeding 10-14 mph: $95
  • Speeding by 15-19 mph: $105
  • Speeding by 20-24 mph: $200
  • Speeding by 25-29 mph: $220
  • Speeding by 30-34 mph: $240
  • Speeding by 35-39 mph: $260

Should I fight a speeding ticket?

Generally, whether or not you should fight a speeding ticket depends on a number of various factors. In order to determine whether you should fight a speeding ticket, it is important to contact an experienced traffic violations attorney. Many people avoid working with attorneys because they want to save money. However, working with an attorney can save money in the long run if it means avoiding high fines, increased insurance premiums, and more. Additionally, without an attorney on your side, you run the risk of facing the full consequences of the speeding ticket, which can be detrimental to your livelihood. For example, if your license gets suspended, it may affect your ability to get to work and make a living.

If you have received a speeding ticket, our firm will advocate for you. Reach out today to learn more about fighting a speeding ticket in New Jersey.

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