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At some point in nearly everyone’s driving career, they face a minor traffic infraction. Of course, some offenses are more serious than others and require the assistance of an attorney to fight off points, fines, and license suspension. If you have been charged with a traffic violation and need strong legal representation, you can rely on the legal team at The Law Offices of George J. Mardinly. Our firm has decades of experience representing clients who are facing minor infractions to major, life-changing matters. Contact The Law Offices of George J. Mardinly today to discuss your situation.

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The most common traffic violation is speeding. While some may believe it is easiest to accept the guilty plea and pay a fine, this can have long-term consequences. Many traffic offenses result in having points added to your driving record. When points are added, you may face a variety of consequences and your insurance premiums may increase. It may be in your best interest to fight the ticket, especially if you have existing points on your driving record. Of course, speeding is not the only traffic infraction that drivers commit. Our firm has experience representing clients who face a wide range of offenses, including the following:

These infractions are serious and may result in heavy fines, license suspension/revocation, points, or even jail time. It is important to retain quality legal representation when you are facing a serious traffic violation.

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If you are facing a traffic offense in New Jersey, it is critical that you consult with an experienced legal team. At The Law Offices of George J. Mardinly, you can trust that we will do everything in our power to fight your charge or obtain a plea bargain for a lesser charge. If you need legal representation, contact The Law Offices of George J. Mardinly today.