Underage DWIs in New Jersey | What You Need to Know

Drinking and driving is incredibly dangerous. This behavior puts the driver’s life at risk, as well as the lives of his or her passengers, other drivers on the road, and pedestrians. As a result, New Jersey takes drinking and driving very seriously. The state of New Jersey has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drinking and driving. This law holds drivers under the age of 21 responsible for their actions if they drive while under the influence. If you are charged with a DWI while under the age of 21, you will face serious penalties. Read on to learn more about underage DWIs in New Jersey. 

What Constitutes an Underage DWI?

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) refers to the percent of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream. While those over the age of 21 must blow .08% or higher to be charged with a DWI, if you are under the age of 21, you can receive a DWI for being caught with a BAC of even .01%. Additionally, if your BAC is above .08%, you can be charged as an adult.

What are the Penalties for an Underage DWI?

If you are charged with an underage DWI in New Jersey, you are looking at a wide variety of very serious penalties, including the following:

  • You will most likely have your license suspended for between 30-90 days. (Teens who hold probationary licenses must complete a four-hour remedial driving course, and they may not receive their basic driver’s license for up to a year.)
  • If this is your second or subsequent underage DWI, you will face an even harsher license suspension.
  • Anywhere between 15-30 days of mandatory community service
  • You may have to participate in the IDRC at your own cost. Generally, participating in this program entails an extensive evaluation, which includes an interview and potential treatment.

An underage DWI can have a serious impact on your future. As a result, it is important to reach out to an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney. Our firm will explore all possible legal defenses. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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