What are consequences for DWI?

In New Jersey, if you are charged with driving while intoxicated, you can face serious penalties. If a driver is assessed to have a blood alcohol content level that is over 0.08%, they can be charged with a DWI offense. This can be deciphered by administering a breathalyzer test. For this charge, it only includes those who are 21 years of age and older. If you are found to have alcohol in your system and are under the legal drinking age, you can face harsher consequences. The various penalties, including possible license suspension, can change someone’s life. There is no plea bargaining for DWI offenses or provisional license provided to those who need a car.

Can multiple offenses cause more consequences?

A first offense for DWI can cause a person to face penalties that alter their life. Penalties may include up to 30 days of incarceration and suspension of one’s license for 3 months. They may also be burdened with fines. Fines of $250 and $400 can be demanded. Other fines can be included are a $1,000 yearly surcharge for 3 years, a Drunk Driving Fund fee, a Neighborhood Services Fund fee, an Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Fund and any others that are seen to be applicable. Engagement in the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center may be deemed fit as well, which can require more fees.

If a second offense is committed within 10 years of your first one, the consequences can be even more serious. The amount of time spent incarcerated may increase, along with an increase in the duration of a suspended license. Incarceration grows to 90 days in jail and license expulsion can reach up to two years. Fines of $500 and $1,000 may be given. Other fines that include the donation to funds and enrollment in the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center may be given as well.

A third DWI arrest can result in a devastating toll to someone’s life. With multiple DWI offenses, hostility in court grows. When charged with a third offense in 10 years, incarceration can increase to 180 days and one’s license may be suspended for 10 years. The more charges that occur, the bigger increase in penalties and fines. A $1,000 fine may be charged, along with a $1,500 yearly surcharge for 3 years. Fees paid to the Drunk Driving Fund, a Neighborhood Services Fund and an Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Fund can be put into effect. Engagement in the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center may be made mandatory.

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