What Are the Best Ways to Beat a DWI Charge?

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When you are charged with a DWI, you need to do everything that you can to fight back. Not only are the punishments harsh, but the conviction can actually follow you around for life. Fortunately, there are some effective ways to defend yourself against a DWI charge. A knowledgeable Monmouth County DWI attorney from our firm can help you figure out the best defense for your particular situation.

Can I Go to Jail for a DWI?

Even a first-time offender can end up going to jail with a DWI conviction. A jail sentence can last up to 30 days, and longer jail sentences are common for drivers who already have a DWI on their record. Repeat offenders could spend 90 or even 180 days in jail. Drivers could also be forced to:

  • Pay fines
  • Spend time in the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center
  • Pay fees that will go to the Drunk Driving Fund, Neighborhood Services Fund, and/or the Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation fund
  • Surrender their driver’s license for up to two years

This is why we recommend hiring an attorney who can help you defend yourself against these charges.

How Can I Defend Myself From a DWI Charge?

An experienced DWI defense attorney can help you settle on the best defensive strategy. There are many ways to question a DWI stop, the results of sobriety tests, and the prosecution’s case. Your attorney can argue that:

  • There was no probable cause for the stop
  • A medical condition affected your BAC reading or field sobriety test performance
  • The breathalyzer test may have been inaccurate
  • The blood test was inaccurate due to improper storage or contamination of the blood sample
  • There is no proof that you were driving the car
  • You were intoxicated accidentally, possibly due to a spiked drink
  • Residual alcohol left in your mouth threw off the breathalyzer, causing a higher BAC reading

Your attorney can look at your specific case and figure out which kind of strategy they can go with.

Can I Remove a DWI Charge or Conviction From My Record?

When you get technical, New Jersey considers a DWI to be a traffic offense, not a crime. That means that, unlike some criminal charges and convictions, a DWI conviction can rarely be expunged from someone’s record.

A DWI conviction can result in greatly increased car insurance premiums. It can be spotted by a potential employer when they do a background check. There will be professional and personal consequences for a DWI, so you need to make sure that you have a defensive strategy and the help of an attorney.

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