What Are the Penalties for Healthcare Fraud in New Jersey?

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The penalties for healthcare fraud can be especially harsh in New Jersey. The consequences of a conviction can hit you in the wallet and affect your career if you are a medical professional. If you have been charged with fraud, there is really no time to waste. You should talk to a Monmouth County criminal defense attorney from our firm right away.

What is Healthcare Fraud?

The term healthcare fraud can cover a wide variety of crimes. The main thing that they all have in common is that they were actions meant to fraudulently receive money or take advantage of the healthcare system we have in place. A few examples of healthcare fraud are:

  • A healthcare provider billing an insurer for services they never performed
  • A provider billing an insurer multiple times for the same services
  • The distribution of unapproved drugs or medical devices
  • A patient using someone elseโ€™s insurance coverage to receive care
  • Someone lying on applications and forms when they are applying for coverage or benefits

The basic rule is that if you are trying to get money or services from an insurance company that you should not be getting, you can get charged with fraud and end up facing some severe punishments.

Who Can Be Charged With Healthcare Fraud?

You do not just have to be a healthcare provider to be charged with fraud. Although such cases where doctors or other medical professionals alter records, submit false bills, or otherwise lie to get something out of an insurer can be common, an individual with no connection to the medical field can also be charged with healthcare fraud.

If you help a doctor receive kickbacks, that is fraud. If you fill out forms for insurance coverage with blatant lies, that is fraud. Enrolling ineligible employees in a health insurance or benefits plan can also be seen as fraudulent. So do not think that the state and federal government will ignore you just because you do not work in the healthcare field.

How Can I Be Punished for Healthcare Fraud?

Punishments for these charges can include:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Professional consequences, like the revocation or suspension of licenses

In many cases, someone convicted of healthcare fraud can be charged with paying back five times the benefit that they tried to receive. So if you are accused of stealing $20,000 through fraud, then you may be on the hook for up to $100,000 in fines. Those convicted of healthcare fraud can also face additional fines and up to three years in jail.

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

When you hire a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney, you are getting someone who is willing to advocate for you at every step of the way. A lawyer from our firm can help you build the most effective defense against these charges.

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