What Expenses Are Covered By Child Support in New Jersey?

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If you are getting divorced, you may be worried about child support. You are likely wondering if you will receive child support, how much it will be, what it will cover, and so on. In New Jersey, both parents have a legal responsibility to financially support their child. As such, child support is taken very seriously. It will be carefully calculated and can be legally enforced in the event that payments are missed. So, what expenses will be covered by child support? Read on to learn more about child support in New Jersey.

How is Child Support Determined?

After the court assesses the financial situation of the family as a whole, other factors will be examined. These factors may include:

  • The child’s needs
  • The family’s standard of living
  • Each parent’s economic circumstances
  • The earning ability of each party
  • Each family member’s age and health
  • Any income, assets, and earning ability of the child
  • Other children in need of support
  • Other factors deemed important

Generally, child support will be paid to the custodial parent by the non-custodial parent. If you are the custodial parent, it means that your child resides with you the majority of the time. More time with your child will mean spending more money on meals, clothes, activities, and so on.  Child support may be paid by the non-custodial parent to supplement some of these expenses.

What Expenses Are Covered By Child Support?

Generally, child support is meant to cover the necessities of the child. This includes:

  • Basic necessities
  • Medical care
  • Educational fees
  • Childcare
  • Transportation/travel
  • Entertainment
  • Extracurricular activities
  • College expenses

It is important to note that housing and healthcare are also eligible for child support payments. This means that home insurance, property taxes, and mortgage payments should be covered, as well as unreimbursed healthcare up to $250.

Each agreement is different, and the expenses covered are not always all-encompassing. For example, clothing is considered a basic necessity, but in some cases, not all types of clothing will be covered by child support, this may exclude clothing the court does not deem necessary, such as specialized footwear for sports. If you have any questions or concerns, you should reach out to an experienced family law attorney to discuss your child support agreement and what expenses will be covered.

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