What is the No Early Release Act in New Jersey?

When an individual is charged with a crime in New Jersey, they often face serious penalties that can follow them for the rest of their lives. It is no surprise that violent crimes will have more significant penalties than other crimes do that are less serious in nature. In 1997, the New Jersey No Early Release Act went into effect and in an effort to keep dangerous individuals out of society until their sentences have been served. The No Early Release Act requires individuals who have been convicted of some first-degree and second-degree offenses to serve a minimum of 85 percent of their sentence prior to becoming eligible for parole consideration.

In addition to individuals being required to serve 85 percent of their sentence, there are also other requirements regarding parole if it is granted. The convicted individuals who have been granted parole are required to serve up to 5 years of parole supervision.

A few of the crimes that are subject to the No Early Release Act may include murder, aggravated manslaughter, aggravated sexual assault, or vehicular homicide. Of course, it is important to consult with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney as soon as the individual is charged with a crime. Contact us today.

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