What should I avoid doing during a traffic stop?

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Motorists may be pulled over by law enforcement officers for several reasons. However, motorists should remain calm because a traffic stop does not mean they have violated the rules of the road. If you have been wrongfully accused of a traffic violation, contact a dedicated Monmouth County Traffic Violations Attorney who can help defend your rights.

What should I not do during a traffic stop?

Do not panic, remain calm

It is critical that motorist do not panic when they are pulled over by a law enforcement officer for a suspected traffic violation. Being stopped by a law enforcement officer can cause a motorist to become anxious that they are in trouble with the law. However, motorists should remain calm. If a motorist seems overly anxious or panicked the officer may believe the motorist is hiding something. Panicking will only make a motorist seem suspicious.

Do not argue

Arguing with an officer is never a wise idea. Motorists may believe they did nothing to warrant the officer to pull them over, however, they should listen to the cop and calmly ask the officer why they’ve been pulled over. Meeting officers with a confrontational attitude will only create conflict and additional problems. Being respectful and friendly with an officer can help alleviate  the situation.

Do not reach for anything

It is common for individuals to jump the gun and reach for their license and registration as they know the police officer will ask them once they reach the car. However, motorists should never reach for anything without first being told by the officer to do so. Law enforcement officers may believe the motorist is reaching for something that could be a potential threat. Additionally, motorists should keep their hands where the officer can see them.

Do not unbuckle the seat belt

New Jersey enforces strict seat belt laws. If a motorist removes their seat belt the police officer may believe the motorist never had it on in the first place which could result in a ticket.

Do not leave the vehicle

It is imperative for motorist to stay inside their vehicle at all times during a traffic stop. Sometimes it takes law enforcement officers a while to run the motorist’s information through their system. However, motorists should never get out of their cars to ask the police why it’s taking so long. The police officer may see this as a threat and act quickly, which could result in serious problems.

If you have been pulled over by a law enforcement officer for a traffic violation, contact our skilled and determined attorneys who can help defend your interests. Traffic violations can have serious consequences that can negatively impact an individual’s life. Our firm is committed to helping our clients achieve favorable results. We are ready to assist you today.