What Should I Do if My Ex Stopped Paying Child Support in NJ?

If your former spouse recently stopped making child support payments, you are most likely angry and frightened about your family’s future. What happens if you cannot financially support your child on your own? Fortunately, there is a solution, and New Jersey law is particularly harsh on parents who stop making child support payments. Please continue reading and speak with our experienced Red Bank family law attorney to learn more about how our firm can help you if your former spouse is refusing to make child support payments. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What will happen if my former spouse stops paying child support?

If your ex is no longer paying the child support owed to you and your child, you should call the Office of Child Support Services. Whether you receive child support payments through this office or not, they can conduct an investigation and work to enforce your child support agreement. If your former spouse is more than two weeks behind on payments, OCSS should take immediate action. Unfortunately, OCSS does not always take immediate action, in which case you can hire an attorney who will request action from the courts.

Can New Jersey courts enforce my child support orders?

Yes, and through various actions that will adversely impact your ex until he or she makes the child support payments you deserve and need. Some of the actions NJ courts may take to enforce your child support agreement are as follows:

  • They can suspend any professional license your ex may have
  • NJ courts can place liens on your former spouse’s assets
  • They can garnish your ex’s wages
  • New Jersey courts can seize assets from your former spouse’s bank account
  • They can suspend your former spouse’s driver’s license
  • They can deny your former spouse’s renewal of his or her passport
  • NJ courts can even seize lottery winnings or other winnings, such as those obtained in personal injury claims

If none of these actions make your ex cooperate, New Jersey courts will report the failure to pay child support to his or her credit agencies, which will damage his or her credit score, and if your former spouse even still refuses to pay, the courts can issue a warrant for his or her arrest. Our firm is here to help you, no matter your situation. All you have to do is give us a call.

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